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rivercity rubbish removal
prefer to recycle?
wherever possible we will recylce or donate items to charity or dispose of your rubbish properly.

0419 796 408
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recycle, donate or dispose
dealing with the nasty stuff
Please note that we DO NOT remove toxic rubbish.
if you need to dispose of asbestos, toxic chemicals, motor oils etc we will refer you to specialists in this area.
dealing with the bigger stuff
cars, car batteries, tyres, e-waste, furniture, construction waste, scrap metal etc must be properly disposed.
                   don't want to DIY?
every little bit counts
you can recyle aluminium cans, batteries, corks, reading glasses, light bulbs, medicines, mobile phones and more.
we welcome the opportunity to support you in doing your bit for the environment and our community.

wherever possible we will recycle or donate any useable items to charity.

you can assist us by "grouping" or clearly marking the items you consider appopriate to recyle or donate.

please let us know at the time of your appointment if you wish for the items to be delivered to a specific charity, person or recycling retailer as this may incurr additional costs depending on where the items are to be taken.

any rubbish unable to be recycled or donated will be disposed of properly.
click to go to the BCC website for information
on transfer stations and the tip shop.
in Brisbane it is easy for us to do our bit with recycling bins & green waste removal bins.
but did you know?