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rivercity rubbish removal
useful links
information about recycling, donating or disposing your stuff
disposing (toxic items)
we do not remove or dispose of asbestos. if you need asbestos removed and taken away we can refer you to certified removalists or you can click on the link above for listings of asbestos removalists in Brisbane.
below are links to shop and bin locations for several Brisbane charities
please don't dump junk in charity bins - only donate reusable good quality items and note many charities can not accept electrical items or stained mattresses.
BCC collections & recyling
click on the below links for information about BCC kerbside collections, recycling and green bins and e-waste collection points.
click on the above link for contact details for charities in Brisbane. Before donating call  to check the charity will accept your donated items.
shop/bin locations
click on the below links for information about donating your computers and old bicycles for reuse by the needy, the disposal of obsolete mobile phones and for information on the recycling or proper disposal of various items compiled by Planet Ark.
we do not remove or dispose of hazardous waste. click on the above link to obtain information about hazardous waste drop off points in Brisbane.
please note we do not remove asbestos or hazardous waste.